Growing E. coli in 96 well?

Eric R. Hugo ehugo at
Mon Jan 12 22:17:26 EST 2004

Tom Knight <tk at> wrote in 
news:vuybrphdwff.fsf at

> To add to EK's comments, you might want to look at the Eppendorf
> benchtop heater/shaker with the 96 well plate attachment.  It has a
> short-throw shaker, which is really important for small volume plates
> and is quite convenient.

I seem to remember an article where potassium nitrate was included in the 
medium as an electron recipient thus allowing the E. coli to grow fairly 
robustly anaerobically (although slower eg. 48h instead of overnight).  As 
long as you are not in a hurry this might save you from scrounging 
equipment or gas permeable covers.


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