Rapid DNA extraction methods

EK someone at microsoft.net
Sat Jan 17 20:30:19 EST 2004

"Drew" <andy.hopwood1 at ntlworld.com> wrote in message
news:eb7750b8.0401170413.6b603a77 at posting.google.com...
> I'm looking for a rapid yet robust DNA extraction method for
> application to small samples (<1 ul blood collected on paper or
> cotton) It needs to be 30 min or less and ideally give me good quality
> PCR-friendly DNA.  A lot to ask I know. Anybody out there up for the
> challenge?
> Drew

Whatman (no affil) has a system (FTA cards) where you mix your biol samples
with a lysis buffer and then dot blot the lysate to a specially treated
paper, dry, and for e.g. PCR just punch out a small disk out of dried blot
spot and use it in reaction. http://www.whatman.com/index2.html
Is this close to what you are looking for?

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