23S/16S ratios in RNA preps dependent on isolation method?

redeamer alion85 at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 24 06:51:23 EST 2004

> I have a question about 16S/23S rRNA-ratios and if different RNA
> isolation methods can influence this ratio.

"All ribosomes are the same." <== bedrock, faith statement of

Also: "All ribosomes are for hire." "No specialized ribosomes."

All ribosomes use each rRNA and each protein once (except for protein
L7/L12 [L7 and L12 are identical except for the N-terminal acetylation
of L7] which are likely present in four copies.)

> I am working on a gram-positive bacterium and I isolate RNA using
> RNAwiz (from Ambion, but it is essentially the same as TRIzol, which
> is perhaps better known). I checked the quality of my total RNA prep
So, I guess there most be
> something wrong with one of the isolations methods, but which one? Can
> anyone offer suggestions to find out what is going on here and how I
> can determine which is the best method for the isolation of RNA.
> Regards, 
> Willem

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