CYP2D6*4 allele and assy by demand kit from Applied biosystems

Brian O'Mahony bomahony at
Tue Jul 6 05:49:00 EST 2004


I have been doing CYP2D6 genotyping for alleles *6, *3 and *4. For 3
and 6 its works but for 4 no. I use 5ul rxn volume and my system is
the ABI7500 sequence detection. Even the control DNA doesn't work. I
have it at concentrations of 50ng and 100ng/rxn. Experimental DNA
ranges from 20 ng-800ng/rxn. Even at the higher end of the range the
rxn doesn't work. I tried changing the anneling temperature from 60ºC
(standard) to 58ºC. Can anybody help me? Or is anyone having problems
with this paricular product. They sent me new reagents but it still
doesn't work.



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