Fluorogenic Substrates

Wolfgang Schechinger hubahopp at gmx.de
Thu Jul 22 16:44:57 EST 2004


basically, it should work. As long as the the liberated coumarine compound
is fluorescent and there is no quencher, you should be able to see it in
the light. The other question is if your enzyme likes the substrate and
finally, where to get the stuff from from. Advanced Organic Chemistry
Studtent Practicals is probably the right address. Does OCF mean Faculty of
Organic Chemistry? You're almost halfway done, I tend to assume.

Best reagrds,


At 12:50 22.07.2004 +0000, you wrote:
>So, I know that amino coumarins can be used as fluorogenic substrates to 
>detect amide cleavage, and that hydroxy coumarins can similarly be used to 
>detect ester cleavage.  Does anyone know whether thio/mercapto coumarins 
>can be used to directly detect thioester cleavage?
>Lou Hom >K'93			     
>lhom at ocf.berkeley.edu		
Wolfgang Schechinger


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