problem with a negative controls

Anna bounty at
Tue Jul 27 13:40:59 EST 2004

I'm new worker in molecular labolatory, testing food products for
conataining GMO. I use kits for DNA isolation and naxt kits to do PCR
reaction. I have two negative (from isolation and before PCR), and one
positive control. I receive bands in both of my nagative controls
(only in reactions with primers from non-GMO products)!!! I'm using
pippetes with filters, wearing gloves, and also using UV lamps. I'm
always doing my negative controls first, then all probes and as the
last one positive control. Is that possible that I do something wrong
or my reactions parameters are bad? Is that possible that this is
primers internal reactions? What can I do to get my negative controls
Please help, and give me some advices! 
Thank you !!!

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