[OT] Looking for a protocol for chinese style dried plums!

Wolfgang Schechinger hubahopp at gmx.de
Fri Jul 30 18:30:30 EST 2004

Dear Friends from Bionet, 

this is quite OT unless someone wants to extract DNA or some interesting
zymos from a bucket full of plums... anyway, I hope this post will reach
lots of Asia people verywhere in the world.

Today, I started harvesting some plums... after four hours of climbing
around in a small tree, I had finished the first of 3 trees in our garden.
And I ended up with 14 kg (!!!!!) of nice, not completely ripe fruit
sitting in my kitchen now(I had to compete with lots of wasps and hornets
wanting them all for lunch...). And two trees still are waiting! (To be
harvested this week-end, too, the wasps and hornets already are waiting,
too, and they are VERY hungry and they use to bite in every fruit they can
get, but normally, they won't finish one before tasting the next...!)

So what do do with all the plums? Of course, you envy to get a bag full of
them by email or fax - Haha!? I simply could put most of them into the -20,
but then they'll stay there forever, probably...

Thus, I thought of preparing these nice dried plums I used to buy in every
shop in Taiwan! I mean those looking quite dry and shrinky, being in a
colour somewhere between greyish and dark brownpurple. They seem to be
covered with something like a white powder.

I already spent several hours seraching the net, but couldn't find any
protocol. Seems to be either an inherited method nobody thinks worth a
paper or it's maybe even TOP SECRET. So, PLEASE PLEASE, ask your grandmas
(and your friends to ask their grandmas and their friends to ask their
grandmas...) immediately how to convert plums into delicious dry plums,
probably aka as prunes.

If you have any other ideas what to make of the plums, just tell me please,
I am VERY curious! And include a protocol / refernce, if possible! As the
plums might start fermentating soon.


My next posts will be more molbio as usual, I promise!
Wolfgang Schechinger


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