Windows equivalent to Amplify 1.2

Vilmantas vilmantas at
Tue Jun 8 04:36:40 EST 2004


You can try Fast PCR:
It is freeware and quite nice for fast primer design and check.


"Dr. Klaus Eimert" <eimert at> wrote:
>Hi there,
>although, this is not strictly a "method" question - I thought I'd ask 
>here, since seems to be a lot more traffic than "in"...
>Is there a Win program emulating pcr runs like Amplify for the Mac? I want 
>to use it for fast and dirty primer design and forecast of pcr results. Of 
>course, I would prefer freeware or shareware - can't afford to shell 
>hundreds (or thousands) of $$$ for a program and have nothing left for 
>actually running the reactions ;-)
>Thanks in advance,

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