FW: RE: IEF unit recommendations.

Deanne Bell dbell at fresno.ars.usda.gov
Wed Jun 9 12:17:35 EST 2004

>Note that in my application (denauring IEF of transmembrane proteins)
>10,000 Vh proved insufficient for complete focussing, 25,000 Vh worked
>lot better. YMMV.

How did you manage that if the power supply is integral to the unit 
and rated to 10,000V? Or were the specifications/design different in 
the first unit?

Yeah - I think we increased our IEF Volthours to 36,000 in incremental
power steps and we increased the power beyond specs.  When we first
started this back in 1998, we were able to switch out power units, so we
had this piecework set-up with  IGPhor IEF strip unit, the 2nd dimension
rig from another company and a stronger power unit from a different

I'd also be curious to know, Deanne, if you tried it. Apart from the 
flexibility, NIH-Image and Image J have a great online support 

Sorry to say that I have not dabbled myself in 2D for awhile thus I do
not know much about current software (I was using phoretix way back
when).   I will say that a good support community is a HUGE plus in my

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