Ideas for presentation?

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> > Hi,
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> > I'm going to participate at a "Science Day" in the city where I live,
> > and have been asked to make an interactive presentation for children
> > from 10 to 19 where the topic is gene technology/microbiology. I can
> > borrow some equipment from the lab where I work (general molecular
> > biology lab). Do any of you have any ideas what I could do? Ideally it
> > should involve the children and trigger their curiosity while being fun
> > at the same time.
> >
> > Trond Erik
> Could they make a rather quick and dirty DNA prep from eg onions? Spool
> out the DNA from ethanol (hmm, expensive in Norway, and maybe not
> allowed for children??). Get to take the DNA home with them....

I saw this in action at an Open Science Day at the University of Reading,
while I was doing my PhD, and it was an enormous success. All using
household stuff... washing up liquid for detergent, etc. When the DNA starts
to precipitate and being visible it was like magic. What was funny was to
see the parents who were there looking after the kids being more amazed than
them :-)


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