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Thank you all,

Does any of you have protocol for DNA extraction from onion? And why onion?

Trond Erik

DavidMicklem wrote:

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>>I'm going to participate at a "Science Day" in the city where I live, 
>>and have been asked to make an interactive presentation for children 
>>from 10 to 19 where the topic is gene technology/microbiology. I can 
>>borrow some equipment from the lab where I work (general molecular 
>>biology lab). Do any of you have any ideas what I could do? Ideally it 
>>should involve the children and trigger their curiosity while being fun 
>>at the same time.
>>Trond Erik
> Could they make a rather quick and dirty DNA prep from eg onions? Spool
> out the DNA from ethanol (hmm, expensive in Norway, and maybe not
> allowed for children??). Get to take the DNA home with them....
> Some kind of colour-changing thing using eg lacZ??
> Showing cell under microscope - their own cheek cells?? 
> GFP (RFP, CFP, YFP) is always fun in gene tech - maybe you could have
> multi-coloured bacterial preps? You can excite it using BLUE light, so
> no need for UV. (e.g. a blue LED works OK, or a DarkReader, with orange
> filter).
> Um, er, you don't have a GFP mouse running around anywhere do you :-)
> David

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