IEF unit recommendations.

Sean Patterson seanpat at
Mon Jun 14 07:17:39 EST 2004

>Sean Patterson wrote:
>>  > Note that in my application (denauring IEF of transmembrane
>>  > proteins) 10,000 Vh proved insufficient for complete focussing,
>>  > 25,000 Vh worked a lot better. YMMV.
>>  How did you manage that if the power supply is integral to the unit
>>  and rated to 10,000V? Or were the specifications/design different in
>>  the first unit?
>Thats Volt*hours, not Volts. If you apply 10,000 V for 2 hours, you get
>20,000 Vh. The higher the voltage and the longer the time, the higher
>the likelyhood that proteins have achieved their equilibrium position.
>On the down side, problems like electroendosmosis tend to increase too.
>Pharmacia has published a booklet on IEF, that explains these things
>fairly well. IIRC, you can get it as PDF from their web site.

<Red faced> Next time I'll read carefully - promise.


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