Dirk Müller Kraweel at
Thu Jun 17 02:28:59 EST 2004

A stupid question but my students do this most of the time that
filtrations do not work: Are you sure that you use the nylonmembrane
and not the paper that is on one side of the membrane for cover?
regards, Dirk...
On 16 Jun 2004 13:38:41 +0100, marius.banholzer at
(Marius Banholzer) wrote:

>I´m doing DNA-slot-blots. The DNA is denatured by cooking with NaOH for 
>3 minutes at 95 degrees. For blotting a Nylon-membrane is used. The 
>problem is, that the probes are not sucked through the membrane. Even 
>the washing buffer won´t go through.
>The vacuum is ok. Please help!

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