Liquid Scintillation Phosphor

redeamer alion85 at
Tue Jun 22 14:34:27 EST 2004

Hello everyone!

I am doing some polymerase assays with monoclonal antibodies
inhibition. That is why i want to utilize Scintillation. Can anybody
share knowledge on this procedure, i mean protocols...

I am precipitationg RNA with Salmon Sperm 100 microgram (adding to 40
microliters reaction 10 microliters).. then i add 1 ml of 10% TCA with
Na4P2O7 (some 1%).. waiting for 30 min on ice.. then filtering samples
through GlassFiber GF/C... and washing it with the same 10% TCA.. and

Then just soak into scintillation medium...

1) How long should i wait till i place my tubes into counter??? (i
mean i typically wait for some 10 min)

2) Can you explain what actually happens with all those flashes?
beta-electrons kick some double bonds? or something? then we have
somekind of photochemical reaction (something like in our eyes with
retinal)....I would like to understand that more

3)Any additional info is highly appreciated


----- Drew

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