Liquid Scintillation Phosphor

redeamer alion85 at
Fri Jun 25 21:07:28 EST 2004

Thank You, Dr Engelbert Buxbaum,

for your really full answer to my question.

But now I have another problem with sticking the RNA to my filters. I
have done it as i wrote in initial post: vacuum pump, pre-wetted the
filter with 10% TCA, then spotted (filtrated) my probe onto it, etc...
I have a feeling that majority of my probe somehow does not stick to
this GF/C filter.

May be I should reallly do as in one of the Duncan Clark posts: spot
onto dry filter, wait until it dries, then wash in 0.1 M HCL, and 5mM
Na4P2O7 and then briefly in methanol. Then dry and add szintillator.

Does this procedure suit other filters too? like DE 80 or something
like that? It should fix the RNA somehow, to this filter, otherwise it
will just be washed out.

I think I will actually do it like that tomorrow. 

_-=//// Thank YOU \\\\=-_

                         ---> Drew

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