Plasmid drawing/analysis programs (Mac OSX)

Michael L. Sullivan mlsulliv at
Fri Mar 5 12:42:15 EST 2004

>I'm getting tired of firing up Classic on my computer whenever I want to
>draw a plasmid map or run restriction analysis.  What programs have people
>found useful for molecular biology on OS-X?
>90% of my needs would be plasmid maps, and restriction digests, and
>DNA->protein translation.  I use on-line tools for primer design, homology
>analysis, and so on, but if there are programs that include that sort of
>thing we should look into it.  In other words, we really need a minimal
>program, but so long as we're upgrading we're open to the idea of getting
>a more comprehensive suite.

I'm a big fan of Gene Construction Kit (by Textco, no affiliation), 
which runs on OS-X.  It's geared for doing in silico cloning and 
documenting plasmids that you've made (I like that you essentially 
end up with a map of every construct in your lab down to the single 
nucleotide level!), but I think it also does all the other things 
you're interested in.  I'm pretty sure that you can get a demo 
version to give it a test drive. Textco also has a program called 
Gene Inspector (I think they have a beta version for OS-X), for more 
high powered analyses.  I'm much less familiar with Gene Inspector, 

I hope you find this helpful.

Mike Sullivan

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