pKK223-3 lost forever?

ChenHA hzhen at
Sat Mar 6 05:05:43 EST 2004

Louis Hom wrote:
> I need to get my hands on the vector pKK223-3, but Amersham/Pharmacia (the
> only company mentioned in papers) no longer sells it.  Anyone know of
> alternative sources?  Do I just start begging labs for [their modified
> version so I'm not asking them for the commercial plasmid]?  i'm no longer
> in an academic lab, so I've been putting off asking academics for the
> vector.

A bit late in the reply, but if you can't find it, I think I have it
somewhere.  Might take some time to get it though, I left it in a
previous lab and can only retrieve it when I have the time to go

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