Decontamination Etbr

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Sun Mar 7 13:15:42 EST 2004


on places where you work with EtBr, you may put some specially coated paper
on the bench to prevent spills from soaking themlves onto the bench
surface. Just change that paper from time to time. When you have spills on
the bench, in the sink etc., try to wipe them with some ethanol. You'll get
at leat most os it on the paper towel, as easily may judge by the color. 

But, don't be too overconcerned about EtBr, just because it positive in the
ames test. Caffeine is, too. There a lots of chemicals with higher toxicity
in the lab. (Who ever panicked from modified nucleotides?). Don't breath
the dust and the vapors of boiling gels. 


At 13:56 07.03.2004 +0100, Fabius wrote:
>Goodmorning to everybody,
>I read on Analytical Biochemistry 162, 453-458 (1987) an article of George
>Lunn and Eric B.Sansone: Ethidium Bromide: Destruction and Decontamination
>of Solutions where it's suggest to use sodium nitrite and hypophosphorous
>acid to destroy EtBr.
>There is an article about Decontamination of spils on Appl Ind Hyg that I've
>not found and, of course, the "usual Maniatis".
>I know that oxidation with bleach is not an acceptable destruction
>I work in a little laboratory  and the destruction of EtBr (that we use for
>agarose gel) it's not a problem usualy becouse there is a company that deal
>with chemical wastes, but the speals are a big problem.
>We have a corner of the laboratory where we work only with Etbr, but 
>sometimes we must wash something in the sink, we do some spils, or someone
>work in the wrong place or with the wrong glassware.
>Someone advised me to use the simple alcool (Ethanol) to wash glassware or
>surfaces. Is it true?
>I want to wash all the laboratory from possible spils every some mounts to
>work with more safe, how i can do?
>P.S.:I want to reduce the use of EtBr in the future.
Wolfgang Schechinger


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