Help! RNA precipitation emergency!

N.P. nprigoda at
Mon Mar 8 15:01:17 EST 2004

Hello everyone, I'm hoping that someone can help me solve this problem
before my PI finds out about my error.
I am extracting RNA from plant tissues using Trizol and a protocol
that works very well. I pelleted my RNA and washed it.
The problem is, instead of resuspending in water, I resuspended in 3M
RNase-free NaAc.
I now have RNA from 30 to 50 mg of tissue dissolved in 50µL of 3M
NaAc, when I would normally have dissolved it in 50µL of water.
Can I recover my RNA? If I follow the normal RNA precipitation
protocol, then I should add 1mL of EtOH, but will this make my RNA too
dilute to recover?

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