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redeamer alion85 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 8 16:23:44 EST 2004

Hi Nadia!

I think that everything is under control Ammonium Acetate is a common
RNA precipitation reagent, basically to precipitate RNA they take:

1)+ 1.33 vol of 3M NH4OAc (or 1 vol of 4M NH4OAc)
2)+ 4 vol absolute Ethanol (-20¤C)
3)+ some glycogen or tRNA if it doesnt bother you

4)put for some 30' into -70C freezer

5)then just precipitate @+4C 13.2K (approx. 16 K g, microfuge) 15 min

6)wash 70% ethanol (twice)

7)redissolve in ammonium acetate again

8) go to step 1

have fun!


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