SREBP antibodies

McMartin slipson at
Wed Mar 10 09:50:46 EST 2004

Re. an older post requesting info on SREBP antibodies.  Our lab has
tried a number of the commercially available antibodies.  We were
successful with:

IgG-1D2 (an ATCC-deposited hybridoma cell line)
mouse monoclonal anti-human SREBP-2 (recognizes N-terminus)
picks up human (HepG2), mouse (J7 macrophages), and pig (liver)
SREBP-2 protein

IgG-1C6 (order from BD Biosciences)
mouse monoclonal anti-human SREBP-2 (recognizes C-terminus)
picks up human (HepG2), pig (liver) SREBP-2 protein

IgG-2A4 (order from BD Biosciences)
mouse monoclonal anti-human SREBP-1
picks up human (HepG2), pig (liver) SREBP-1 protein
note--when IBing for pig nSREBP-1, many candidate bands appear in the
60-80 kDa region; however, pSREBP-1 IB gives one band in the 120-130
kDa region

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