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Thu Mar 11 10:11:18 EST 2004

Hi all,    
    If you are a smoker, please just take a few minutes of your time to read this, if not,  please accept my apologies for this E mail, it is not my intention to upset anyone.

Smokers - are you still paying high street prices for your cigarettes, cigars or rolling/pipe tobacco.

For instance, I can send you by registered post, 800 cigarettes for 180 euros.

This works out to about  -  3.00 pounds a packet (depending on exchange rate).

For this price, and it includes all brands, they will be sent by registered post direct to your door. 

Just click on the link below:-

Yours faithfully

A believer in the rights of the British Smokers

If this E at all offends you mail - that is not my intention   ----    YOU WILL NOT BE E MAILED AGAIN

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