RNA polyacrylamide gels

redeamer alion85 at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 14 14:22:22 EST 2004


Thanx D.K. for EDTA info, always thought that it should chelate 2
Me++, because it's tetracetic, however, my logic was wrong there:)

I am very curious about running denaturing RNA gels to resolve
fragments up to 10 000 bases, may be i am too much willing person,
cause for me, having almost no experience with doing 2% acrylamyde
urea fragile gels, it could be impossible. Can You share any
TipsTricks on that... And btw what i the siliconizing solution, and do
i need it to do my gels...May be preparing gels is not a problem, but
their drying without disrupting must be tricky

the reason i dont want to do agarose/formaldehyde is that i dont get
such a discretness i wish:-(, i am not up to stir the buffer :( too
lazy for that

thanx a lot, actuially i have asked this question i think once here,
but hadnt any answer

--- Drew

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