Various questions about Silver stain

EK someone at
Tue Mar 16 21:10:26 EST 2004

> You do not need a machine at all. The gel is equilibrated with 10%
> glycerol and placed between two sheets of cellophane soaked in the same
> solution (no airbubbles!). The sandwich is mounted between two plastic
> frames which are clamed together with clips (those black metal things

I have noticed that it does not matter much if there are air bubbles or not.
I also don't equilibrate with glycerol. Instead, I use tap water to briefly
rinse the gel taken directly from the destaining solution, and also make a
small puddle of water on top of the first cellophane sheet and submerging
the gel in it. I later (after putting the second sheet and a frame on) lift
the whole sandwich and tilt it to poor off the excess water. Yes, I would
still suggest removing as much as possible air bubbles when covering the gel
with the second cellophane sheet, but I have not have any cracks even if a
couple of bubbles still hung aroung the gel. I also try to do everything
quick, so that alcohol and acetic acid from the destaining solution don't
get washed away from the gel. A good idea would be also to dry the gel under
the (working) fume hood. This way it is faster, and safer in terms of not
inhaling irritant chemicals.

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