RAPD PCR breakdown

Jayakumar, R R.Jayakumar at RoswellPark.org
Mon Mar 22 18:13:35 EST 2004

hi.. Arnnie
     We would be glad to be of help... but only if we have some material to work with.  For starters, what mer primer are you using, PCR conditions, including ramp times.  If possible, the sequence of the primer, and the age of the primer, storage buffer composition etc...  Have you changed the thermocycler conditions anytime, or the make and model?  Did you change the make of PCR tubes anytime?  etc.etc.. And anything else you can add.
    we shall wait till then.

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> Subject: 	RAPD PCR breakdown
> I'm sure this has been posted before, but I need help!
> The RAPD-PCR reactions I've been doing for years have stopped working
> (no bands at all!).  Although, I've been trying to fix this, I'd love
> to hear any and all reason for this so I can start troubleshooting.
> Thanks!

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