ELISA with cell lysates?

Peter Frank peter_frankde at yahoo.de
Thu Mar 25 05:04:09 EST 2004


I would like to perform an ELISA with cell lysates. The ELISA,
however, has only been validated for cell culture supernatant, serum,
plasma and urine. The support told me this is because there are so
many different lysis buffers, the components of which might interfere
with the assay. But it may as well work.

Also, the ELISA kit manual only contains activation procedures (->
bringing the protein to be detected into its immunoreactive form) for
the the validated sample types.

Does anyone have any experience with the use of ELISAs in combination
with cell lysates? Or can anyone give me any references where ELISAs
have been used for quantitating proteins in cell lysates?


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