Experience with 5'RACE?

Han noone at nospam.invalid
Thu Mar 25 06:48:22 EST 2004

We are having some problems with failures of 5'RACE of human (relatively 
rare) mRNA, using the BD/Clontech kit.  Regular PCR using the mRNA works 

We have gone through several replacements of the kit with the same and 
different lot numbers, but 5'RACE fails, even with the "positive control" 
templates.  I am not doing this myself (not conversant enough with the 
technique), but the colleague who is doing the work has done so (in another 
lab) in the past with success using a kit from Clontech.  3'Race using 
components from the same kit does work.

Has anyone had better experiences recently with the BD/Clontech kit?  Or 
can you recommend another manufacturer?


Best regards
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