ultra cold freezer recommendations

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Thu Mar 25 20:13:50 EST 2004

Revco is a good choice but they are bit expensive compared to other

Few years back we had shifted from Revco to Sanyo (Ya, the same Sanyo
who make microwaves and TVs)and we are quite satisfied with our shift.
 They were about 30% cheaper than Kendro and the performance have been
quite good with all our units.

If you are not short of money, they have a high end model with vacuum
sealed panels instead of insulation. This provided better temp.
holding and lower power consumption. Not to mention  you get more
chamber space for the same external dimension as the wall thickness is
small. ( No I don't have a dealship of Sanyo:-)

Other global brands are Forma, Kendro-Haeraus( I am not sure if they
still Revco and Kendro as different units)

Best wishes,

Indus Biotherapeutics Ltd.

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> PLEASE Post replies because we are also interested in a -80 freezer.
> thanks
> Dee Bell
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> I'll be purchasing a -80 freezer in the near future.  I'm interested 
> in an approx 20 cubic foot upright, fairly bare bones unit. Anybody have
> any useful advice on this subject?
> Thanks,
> Mike Sullivan

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