Info on the $31,500 call

Greg Davis amazingkash at
Wed Mar 31 07:21:08 EST 2004

That's right - this 35 minute call could be worth $31,500 to 
you over the next month or less - 212-461-2982.

212-461-2982 will show you an honest way to put cold, hard 
ca*sh in your hand NOW.  No BS, hy*pe, m*l*m, get-ri*ch-quick 
schemes, gifting or false promises. Having been laid off from 
a six figure corporate job 2 years ago, I've been able to 
replace and exceed that in*come, and it started by listening 
to the 35 min. recording at 212-461-2982.

Follow these 2 easy steps:

1. Call 212-461-2982 anytime 24/7
(It's a regular call to New York city)
2. Give me, Greg Davis a call at 678-457-3908.  Please 
call me only after you've listened to the entire recorded 
presentation.  Leave a message if I don't answer, I will 
call you back.
Again, please call me only after you've listened to the 

Best Regards,
Greg Davis

P.S.  There is a live overview call as well.
865-362-4150, pin 2101#, at 4 PM EST or 10:30 PM EST 
Mon-Thur; Friday 4:00 PM EST only.


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