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nope, not for me:

One day a man went into a chemist's shop and said, "Have you anything to
cure a headache?"The chemist took a bottle from a shelf, held it undert he
gentleman's nose and took out the cork. The smell was so strongthat tears
came into the man's eyes and ran down him cheeks."What did you do that for?"
he said angrily, as soon as he could get back his breath."but that medicine
has cured your headache, hasn't it?""You fool." said the man, "It's my wife
that has the headache, not me".
Al Smith was governor of New York State. He was a famouse man. he was born
very poor on the East Side of New York City. he had little education. He
worked very hard and won great success.One day, as governor, he was visiting
the state prison at Sing Sing. Sing Sing is one of the largest prisons in
the United States. The head of the prison asked Mr. Smith to say something
to the prisoners. Mr. Smith had never spoken to this kind of audience
before. He did not know how to begin.Finally, he said, "My fellow
citizens..." Then he remembered that when a man goes to prison he is no
longer a citizen. he began again. "My fellow prisoners..." That did not
sound right, so he said: "Well, anyway, I'm glad to see so many of you here
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