real-time thermocyclers. Any recommendations?

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Sat May 15 04:10:25 EST 2004

Dear James,

We are now using the LightCycler and the MJ in our lab. The last one is out
and away due to technical problems. In my hands the LightCycler is working
fine. It would be very nice, however, if the company would give more
accurate technical support, but that's just our problem.

Good luck!

ps: we have tried different machines during a 2-weeks demonstration. I would
suggest to organise this for your lab too. We had the I-Cycler (Bio-Rad),
Rotorgene (Corbett Research), Opticon (MJ) and LightCycler (unfortunately
not the 2.0 version) all together in the lab

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> Dear List,
> We are considering the purchase of a new real-time thermocycler. We are
> looking at the Lightcycler and the ABI systems. The ABI's seem to be
> cheaper, but we have experienced less than stellar performance from our
> sequencer and standard thermocycler and do not want to end up with another
> expensive paperweight. The Lightcycler costs more by about $15,000, but is
> rumored to be more accurate and flexible.
> I am just curious if anyone out there has a specific or general
> recommendation for these or any other system. This is a major high-end
> purchase for us and we do not want to make a mistake that will end up
> wasting our research dollars.
> Thanks,
> Jim
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