Low OD using Trizol to isolate total RNA from cell lines

brenda b.hendriks at wkz.azu.nl
Sun May 16 02:02:35 EST 2004

Hi Alex,

I use Tripure (Roche Diagnostics) for many years now and I have never seen
this effect. Perhaps you should use another manufacturere.


"Alex" <chen.1069 at osu.edu> schreef in bericht
news:d2dbdc5b.0405022042.106691e2 at posting.google.com...
> Hi all,
> I use Trizol to isolate total RNA from mouse cell line. Sometimes I
> get a very poor 260/280 ratio (0.9-1.2).  I think it might be due to
> protein contamination. Has anyone there ever tried any modification to
> this protocol to get a good yield and better 260/280 ratio? What
> method do you use to purify the total RNA after you check with a
> spectrophotometer( besides phenol:chloroform extraction from Maniatis
> )?
> Thanks,
> Alex

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