ultra cold freezer recommendations

brenda b.hendriks at wkz.azu.nl
Sun May 16 02:07:32 EST 2004

Contact SANYO. We have been using their equipment for many years now without
any problems!! This in contrary to REFCO and FORMA.

""Michael L. Sullivan"" <mlsulliv at facstaff.wisc.edu> schreef in bericht
> I'll be purchasing a -80 freezer in the near future.  I'm interested
> in an approx 20 cubic foot upright, fairly bare bones unit.  I'd be
> interested in any input about what might be "the best" model to get.
> For me (well probably for anybody) the most important factor is
> reliability.  Right now, I think top contenders in my mind are Revco
> (is Kendro essentially the same?) and So-Low, mostly because these
> are brands I'm familiar with.  Anybody have any useful advice on this
> subject?
> Thanks,
> Mike Sullivan
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