solutions to storage oligonucleotides

Tom Knight tk at
Mon Nov 1 10:23:02 EST 2004

fabio <fabio at> writes:
> Usualy I stored primers in water (sterilezed or depc treated if for
> RT) at -20 °C;
> but i'm reading (on the tecnical scheet of Invitrogen) that the best
> solutions for woring stock is TE pH 8(I supose that the EDTA
> interfirence with Mg++ isn't so important like I thought).
> So I want know your opinion and methods to the best way to store the
> 100 mM and working solutions of primers.
> Someone prefer to store primers dried, but it's not very pratics.

I store my primers in TE.  The amount of primer typically used in a
reaction is so small that the contribution of the 1mM EDTA in very
small volume is negligible compared to the typical Mg++ reaction
buffer molarity.  The same is true for template DNA in a typical PCR
reaction, but perhaps not in some restriction digests.  Some people
use TE 10:0.1 (10 mM Tris-HCl, 0.1 mM EDTA pH 8.0) as a compromise.

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