solutions to storage oligonucleotides

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Mon Nov 1 16:22:39 EST 2004

On Mon, 01 Nov 2004 16:08:30 +0100, fabio <fabio at> wrote:

>Usualy I stored primers in water (sterilezed or depc treated if for RT) 
>at -20 °C;
>but i'm reading (on the tecnical scheet of Invitrogen) that the best 
>solutions for woring stock is TE pH 8(I supose that the EDTA 
>interfirence with Mg++ isn't so important like I thought).
>So I want know your opinion and methods to the best way to store the 100 
>mM and working solutions of primers.
>Someone prefer to store primers dried, but it's not very pratics.
>Thanks in advace.

I store everythng in 1 mM Tris, pH somewhere around 8.0
(Qiagen's "EB" buffer diluted 10X; that's what I elute minis with). 
1 mM gves enough to make sure pH is never acidic, yet it 
does not have enough buffering capacity to make any contribution
in any enzymatic reaction). Addition of EDTA is good in theory but 
offers little in practice - as soon as the solution is clean enough 
(minipreps, gel-purified products, oligos, etc) there is no Mg2+  to 
begin with and it's not going to maggically appear there. The oldest 
primer I used that was stored this way was 5 years old - worked 
same as when just made. 


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