About TE and Tris-HCl sterilize with autoclave

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Mon Nov 1 16:33:01 EST 2004

On Mon, 1 Nov 2004 20:39:01 -0000, "Jose de las Heras"
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>> fabio <fabio at fabius.it> writes:
>>> I want know if a cycle of 120°C for 20'-30' in autoclave can damage
>>> the TE and TRis-HCl solutions.
>> No, but a typical autoclave might leave them less pure than you might 
>> like.
>> If I cared about that, I'd filter sterilize.
>Don't bother autoclaving eppendorfs and tips, they're cleaner straight from 
>the box!

Finally a voice of reason! :-) That's what I am trying to convince people
in the lab in but nobody believes me. 

One exception though - when absolute sterility is required (e.g. mammalian 
cells culture without antibiotics), autoclaving or irradiation is truly


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