Cloning methylated DNA

Mark nospam at
Wed Nov 3 12:06:45 EST 2004

Samantha wrote:
> hi everyone
> my lab mostly use DH5alpha competent cells for transformation. however,
> currently, i want to clone methylated dna. i read papers and most of the
> people use XL1-blue competent cells. I am just wondering if it is possible
> DH5alpha and i guess probably not. Am I right? Thanks!
> Samantha

Are you asking if DNA that is methylated and ligated to a vector 
can be used to transform DH5a? If so, I see no reason why not, 
(although there may be one). Most of the DNA that I prepare from 
various strains is assumed to be methylated, and I have routinely 
used DH5a as the recipient strain for my cloning procedures.

I guess you could be asking whether DH5a will maintain the 
methylation pattern. I think it probably will, as it is neither 
dam nor dcm minus (as far as I can recall).

Hope that is in someway useful.


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