westerns with coomassie stained gels?

Rolands Aravindan aravind at charter.net
Wed Nov 10 03:56:45 EST 2004

hubahopp at gmx.de (Wolfgang Schechinger) wrote in message news:< at pop.gmx.net>...
> My plan now is to bath it in transfer buffer for some and several times in
> order to get rid of all the acetic acid.

Wolfgang, though the procedures given by others probably work better,
I have done it just as you describe above and it has worked for me in
the past. I guess a lot depends on abundance of protein in the gel. In
any case, in case you did go ahead and tried this procedure, it would
be interesting to know how it worked. IMO, the methanol in the
transfer buffer would help to preserve the protein in the gel.

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