Software to search thru PDF files?

Paul Wary paul_wary at
Wed Nov 17 13:40:04 EST 2004

atikhono <atik21 at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Few month ago I have went across a news on free software that can do 
> keyword search through PDF files. It was written by one "lazy"-genius 
> postdoc or grad.student who get lost in reprints/files.
> Does anyone have info or URL to get to this program?

Well, there was a discussion about the best way to organize downloaded
research papers, which usually are in PDF format. Maybe that's what
you remember. But in this thread there was no mention of a program
that allows keyword searches *within* PDF files. (In case you want to
re-read the thread: Its title was "Research paper management" and the
original poster was Tom Knight. The message-ID is
<8578bd43.0408170743.fdb9cb4 at>.)

Several posters mentioned bibliography programs (e.g. EndNote,
Reference Manager) that allow you to organize your references and link
them to downloaded PDF files. What the programs also allow you to do
is perform keyword searches on the reference data, which -besides
title and author- usually include an abstract, keywords, etc. But they
cannot search the contents of PDF files.

For very simple searches (such as searching for the title or an
author), one poster suggested the following scheme using the search
functions of Windows explorer:

"I dump them all into one folder named, simply, "PDF". The
is in the filenames, specifically, like so:

(X, Y) Insert title of this paper here.pdf

X = Surname of the senior author
Y = Senior author's initials

Doing a Find in Windows is usually easy enough from here; ..."


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