Software to search thru PDF files?

atikhono atik21 at
Wed Nov 17 22:47:29 EST 2004

Dear Bioneters,

Thank you all for replies and sharing you experience. My recall is that 
that was X1 early version - perhaps, free at that time?
So, there is quit a bunch of searching programs that help with 
organizing and managing paper files:
	Sleuthhound Pro
	Acrobat Catalog
	PDF Explorer
	Xpdf (open source)

See much more at . You can find 
there description on every program (listed below) - most of them can 
handle PDF files.



     *  Alkaline
     * AltaVista Search
     * Atomz
     * Boolean Search
     * Dieselpoint Search
     * DioWeb
     * DocFather
     * DolphinSearch KnowledgeBox
     * dtSearch
     * 80-20 Discovery
     * Elan Web Search (PDF only)
     * Excalibur RetrievalWare
     * FreeFind
     * Google
     * ht://Dig
     * Hummingbird (formerly Fulcrum)
     * IBM Intelligent Miner for Text
     * IndexMySite
     * Inktomi Search Software (now Ultraseek)
     * Isys:web
     * JXTA Search ""
     * KSearch
     * linkSearch
     * Microsoft Index Server
           o Don Lancaster has a demo and a tutorial
           o Adobe has a filter application (iFilter) and documentation 
available for downloading.
     * mnoGoSearch (formerly UdmSearch) ""
     * MondoSearch
     * Muscat
     * Namazu ""
     * NextPage (LivePublish)
     * Open Text LiveLink
     * Onix
     * PDF WebSearch
         has special features to download only the pages with matched text
     * Phantom 2.2
     * PicoSearch
     * PLWeb
           o Possible bug with linking to the PDF file once the document 
has been shown as a match.
     * at rch suite
     * RightSearch
     * Spiderline
     * SWISH-E ""
     * Ultraseek
     * Verity Search '97
           o Cold Fusion version of the Verity engine does not search 
PDFs very well.
     * Web Server 4D Site Search
     * WebCat
     * Webinator (additional charge, paid versions only)
     * WebSTAR Search
     * WebSONAR
     * Windex Search

atikhono wrote:
> Hi all,
> Few month ago I have went across a news on free software that can do 
> keyword search through PDF files. It was written by one "lazy"-genius 
> postdoc or grad.student who get lost in reprints/files.
> Does anyone have info or URL to get to this program?
> Thanks,
> Alex

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