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Duncan Clark blackhole at abuse.plus.com
Tue Nov 23 10:08:40 EST 2004

Historians believe that in newspost <41A332AF.2010307 at uta.fi> on Tue, 23 
Nov 2004, Nina Mononen <nina.mononen at uta.fi> penned the following 
literary masterpiece:
>If I take some of this PCR product and use it to make sequencing 
>reaction using BigDye 3, do the unincorporated  labelled oligos cause 
>problems in sequencing because of the VIC and FAM dyes? Or what about 
>the hybridised oligos?

Use a PCR clean up kit on your PCR product or an ExoSAP reaction that 
will destroy dNTPs and primers.


or similar from elsewhere.


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