Ergonomic pipettors

Oliver De Peyer opeyer at
Fri Oct 1 07:01:34 EST 2004

Does anybody know of an ergonomic pipettor in the 10s of ml range? I.e,
equivalent to the Integra Pipetboy range?

When I say ergonomic I mean NON-AXIAL, like the Ovation range from
VistaLab, where your hand lies parallel to the bench when gripping the
pipettor instead of at right angles to it like a normal, axial pipettor
(i.e PipetBoy, Gilson etc. etc.)

I'm not interested in the Ovation itself because that only goes up to 1ml.
But I'm sure I saw a high-volume version from somebody else... can anybody
point me in the right direction please?

I think I saw it in the Supply Line supplement distributed with the SCI
Chemistry & Industry magazine. I can't remember when though.

Any help very gratefully received!

(Contact off-list preferred)

Yours sincerely,

Oliver de Peyer

Dr Oliver de Peyer
Division of Protein Structure
National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR)
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