Taqman SNP assay

Nina Mononen nina.mononen at uta.fi
Mon Oct 4 05:48:41 EST 2004

Assay mix is the one that has PCR primers and probes, master mix 
contains enzymes etc (at least according to the instruction leaflets 
that come with the assays : )


Duncan Clark wrote:

> Historians believe that in newspost <4160F27F.2050704 at uta.fi> on Mon, 
> 4 Oct 2004, Nina Mononen <nina.mononen at uta.fi> penned the following 
> literary masterpiece:
>> While working with my first TaqMan assay I accidentally added 0.625 
>> ul of the assay mix to each reaction (instead of the 1.25 ul) and the 
>> assay worked fine : ) So, was I just lucky? Do these assays generally 
>> work with less amount of assay mix added than what is recommended on 
>> the Applied Biosystems instructions?
> You need to define what you mean by assay mix?
> You can't be meaning, with that volume, the mastermix so I'm guessing 
> you mean amount of primer probe mix?
> Duncan

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