Denatured alcohol (ethanol) OK for standard molecular biology solutions?

D.K. at
Mon Oct 18 12:55:23 EST 2004

In article <c4879cbb.0410180523.2c577c29 at>, paul_wary at (Paul Wary) wrote:
>We had non-denatured alcohol (ca. 99 %, pro analysi) and denatured
>alcohol (ca. 99 % with around 1 % methylethylketone, pro analysi) in
>our lab. We were running out of non-denatured alcohol, and I asked one
>my lab mates whether I can use the denatured alcohol for making
>standard molecular biology/biochemistry solutions (such as certain
>buffers for precipitation or washing of nucleic acids, washing
>solution for silver staining of protein gels).
>He said no, I would have to use non-denatured alcohol but couldn't
>give me a reason for that. I can't think of a reason why 1 %
>methylethylketone would be a problem for the  uses of alcohol
>mentioned above.
>Can you tell me when denatured alcohol can be used for standard
>procedures of molecular biology and biochemistry, when not, and why?

I think its perfectly safe to use denatured ethanol. 2-butanone is
pretty inert thing that will not react with anything in your sample.


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