UV sterilization of PCR reagents

Charlie Butterworth cbutterworth at dbg.org
Wed Oct 20 13:01:31 EST 2004


I am setting up a new molecular lab, and will not have access to Type I 
water for reagents.  I can filter sterilize most of the reagents, and / 
or use purchased Type 1 water.

However, I am thinking that small quantities of water that would go 
into reagents for DNA stocks (such as TAE for DNA stocks, and water for 
dissolving new primers) could be aliquoted into 1.5 mL tubes then 
exposed to UV light from a UV lamp (mineralight).  Even PCR cocktails 
(minus Taq, primers, template and mineral oil) could be UV sterilized 
in PCR tubes.

OK, so are PCR tubes and 1.5 mL plastic tubes UV permeable?

If so, which wavelengths of UV are best?

I'd appreciate any advise.

Charles A. Butterworth (Ph.D.)
Research Specialist
Desert Botanical Garden
Phoenix, Arizona


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