Cell-surface molecule control for FACS

Kyle Legate legatek at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 21 16:10:26 EST 2004

Ian A. York wrote:
> I'm looking for a molecule as a control for flow cytometry.  What I
> need is a protein with the following characteristics:
> o  Expressed on many (human) tissue types and cell lines
> o  Expressed at relatively high levels, so easily detected
> o  Expressed at relatively constant levels (i.e. minimally sensitive
> to cell cycle stage or stress)
> o  Antibodies easily available
> o  NOT MHC class I, since that's what I'm trying to control for.
> I'm wondering about some of the integrins, perhaps, but I'm not sure
> which are widely-enough expressed; but any protein that meets the
> characteristics above would be OK.
Beta 1 integrin has the widest expression pattern. Cell lines that don't 
express beta 1 will express beta 3. 

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