bacterial strains: which for what?

Tom Knight tk at
Mon Oct 25 14:56:18 EST 2004

hubahopp at (Wolfgang Schechinger) writes:
> is there a web resource that discusses the suitability of different
> bacterial strains for individual purposes?

The NEB site has a listing of common strains -- they also provide
stabs free with any order.

Stratagene and Invitrogen both have commercially available strains,
usually prepared for transformation, and provide info on the utility
of the strains.  Many other companies also have their favorite strains
and online information about them.  I'm not aware of a great online
resource for common strains.

For obscure knock outs, the Yale E. coli genetic stock center has them

The Miller book "A short course in bacterial genetics", both the
handbook and laboratory manual, would be excellent references.

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