Can any one recognise this formating style

Mr Jacky HUNG j.hung at
Mon Oct 25 19:10:10 EST 2004


Thanks for the reply. There are no italics or bold in the referencs. And also
when there is more than 5 authors, their name is replaced with "and x other
authors. But the EMBO J is pretty close. I think it is from a
Microbiology/immunology journal of some kind. I have been looking at the common
ones but don't seem to have hit it yet.

>Mr Jacky HUNG wrote:
>> Dear all
>> I am sorry if this is a double post. Not sure if the last post got
>> through.
>> Can any one identify the journal that has the following formating
>> style in their references:
>> Smith J, Citazen D, Johnson B, Filler AB and 3 other authors (2004) In
>> recognising what journal has this formating. Mol Genet 54:340-348
>for example. It's a pretty common style. It can be narrowed down if you tell 
>us if there are bolded or italicised pieces.

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