How do I sterilize tiny volumes of solutions?

D.K. dk at
Fri Oct 29 22:00:11 EST 2004

On 29 Oct 2004 07:48:34 -0700, paul_wary at (Paul Wary) wrote:

>I have tiny volumes of solutions (around 100 µl) that I need to
>sterilize before use in cell culture. Autoclaving is no option because
>the solvents are not stable enough. Filtration doesn't work with the
>filters we have because they almost completely soak up the entire
>volume during filtration. Are there any special filters for this
>purpose or any other options for sterilizing such tiny volumes?

There are filters with retention of only 10 microL I use them regularly 
for analytical HPLC and occasionally for sterilization. 

This is catalog # for 0.2 u filters
but the picture is *wrong*. The filters in reality look like this:
(you can buy these and sterilize them with ethylene oxyde 
yourself - this is what Millipore does anyway). 


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