Automatic DNA Seqencer - which one is better?

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>> We have the ABI 377 sequencer and it's a pain to use.  I would not
>> recommend this outdated technology to anyone.
>> Shortly, I'm going to use the 16 capillary ABI 3100 that is available
>> in the lab across the hall.  Fellow students say that it requires
>> minimal effort to get great sequences without going through the pain
>> to cast gels and load samples manually.  There is no well-to-well
>> leakage, because each sample runs in a separate capillary.

>Hi Zach,
>I have a little costs a fortune... What do you think
>about ABI PRISM 310? Is that very bad? and old? Do you know any more
>sequencers? More automated of course.

Dont buy 310 unless it is not sequencing you are interested in.
Short reads, one capillary short life of laser: waste of time and money.

And I dont think you can buy 377 anymore.

I am afraid there is really no "cheap and reliable" automatic sequencer.

If you cant afford 3100 then you would be much better off buing sequencing 
reactions and not the sequencer.


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